Revitalise your construction site with Premium Fence Fabric

Fortress Fencing supplies premium fence fabric or scrim to provide site privacy and advertising for events, buildings, construction sites and more.

Printed banner mesh is an excellent receptive base for our inks, giving the ability to print both elaborate designs as well as strong block colours. No matter how big or colourful your design, it will transfer accurately to our premium mesh!

This fabric is 80% blockout (meaning it is lightly aerated and the overall percentage of printable fabric is 80%).

A Safe Solution

Banner mesh is constructed with a thinly woven Nylon core coated with a liquid state polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The PVC dries to form the mesh finish. While PVC is flammable, it is a more fire resistant plastic than most general-purpose plastics because it contains more than 50% chlorine.

To further assist with reducing the chances of flammability, fire retardant inhibitors are added to the PVC composition. The inner core of Nylon represents a small volume of the overall mesh and will only be exposed if the PVC outer is burnt. Our banner mesh uses a fire retardant compound within the PVC (although this has no specific fire rating).

Long Lasting Colour

Our premium printed banner mesh is designed specifically to have a long life (subject to proper installation), and is also designed to be rolled and unrolled and transported between sites. An excellent durable option, the premium quality mesh has a site life of up to 4 years.

The fabric improves the image of your construction site, event, or project and doubles as an eye-catching marketing tool. It is also an effective option for hoarding wrap, disguising unsightly hoarding.

Product Specifications

Product Code 48-PFFP

Technical Documents

Looking to add privancy and promote your project at the same time?

Fortress Fencing’s printed banner mesh is the perfect solution!

Contact us today for a free quote and let’s discuss how we can enhance your site.

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